My heating won’t turn off

Although the app is showing everything as off the heating is still running. The box in the hall is showing off also, how can I turn my heating off and get the app working again??


  • Make sure the wireless receiver is in range of the bridge and that your trvs (if you have them) aren’t running low on batteries.
  • if it’s a new install, this sounds like a wiring problem. Assuming everything was working before and the controls are ‘off’, the most likely suspects are the zone valves. The valve or valve motor head may be stuck open, which will ‘call for heat’ from the boiler. These zone valves can fail in the first few months or 20-25 years later.

    If the zone valves are ok, and If you mean the ‘box in the hall’ is the Tado ‘wireless receiver’, it may be that the micro-relay is stuck in the closed position. Sometimes a tap on the box will release a sticky relay.