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More control to Tado Balance


Bought Tado V3+ yesterday to control my old Mitsubishi air heat pump. Primary reason is that I use spot priced electricity. So I subscribed for balance immediately.

I also use Themo smart home thermostats for my electricity floor heating which also uses spot price.

What Themo can but Tado can't do is to anticipate spot price raise and weather forecast. By this I mean that Themo system "overheats" floors (max temperature I can decide myself) before electricity gets more expensive. I understand that air doesn't store heat in the same way as concrete but wouldn't it still be wise to do the same with Tado?

As an example: My "at home" setting is 20°C and I use eco setting with balance. Tado knows that today -->07:00 electricity is very cheap but 8:00--> it get more expensive. System would heat my room to certain overshoot which I could set myself, for example +3°C when electricity is cheap.

I'd also love to have more control over the balance setting. What is cheap and what is not? What is expensive and what is not? Between these values is medium price range. Different reduced temperatures for medium and expensive prices? Depending on market and energy need people at different areas consider different price limits on whats expensive and whats not. How many hours I can tolerate reduce temperature setting? These options could be optional advanced settings for people who want to use them. Basic balance could work just as it works now.
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