What A Hopeless System

Time to call it out.

Tado is a pile of crap. The system is wholly unreliable and the company support is non-existent.

Does anybody here think the company stands behind their product. It is 100% rubbish, if not worse.


  • davidlyall

    How about giving some details of the issues you've been having along with specifics of the system.

    Perhaps some of the collective on here can help you to resolve whatever is going on

    I do appreciate that Tado support isn't great but in my experience, I've had quick responses even if the answer was always what I wanted to hear as most of my complaints have been around app updates breaking or removing functionality.

    However, the system itself has been reliable for the 4 years I've had it installed. I did have a couple of times with relays sticking but that's either resolved itself or firmware updates have fixed it.

    The actual operation of the system is what I wanted and once you understand what it's doing and why, it makes sense.

  • It’s hard to know where to begin…

    Today 3 rooms have disconnected themselves - lounge, dining room and a bedroom. This is after the whole system shut down overnight and then took itself offline mid morning.
    That’s before I mention a room with a temperature set for 12 degrees, so heating should be off but it is on and running at over 24 degrees.
    The system simply does not work. It is completely random.
    We have given this system every chance to succeed but it is hopelessly unreliable and does not work. Radiators are on when they should be off, and rooms disconnect without reason.
  • wateroakley

    In our experience, there are quirks. On the ££ ROI the Tado devices have helped us to save over £1600 in 18 months.

  • davidlyall

    Can you give us specifics about your installation. Also, if you know, let us know more details of your house (e.g. age, wall construction, location and distance of devices relative to the bridge)

    It sounds like your having signal issues and perhaps your house has solid internal walls that are affecting the signal. Perhaps moving the bridge higher and to a central position might help. Powerline adapters are cheap and ideal for this as it's unlikely you can move your internet router. Ultimately, Tado can have issues in some houses. They have to work within the radio specifications of the 6LoWPAN standard that they use for device communication. This is a much lower power standard than WiFi in order to conserve power

    I understand your frustrations and the lack of detailed information in the app doesn't help. If it was possible to see signal strength then that would be very helpful in this type of situation

  • I had Tado installed in July 2023. It has been running the heating system since 20 October. I am having real issues with the target temperature of 20C and the radiator stopping, yet the actual temperature in the room is 2 or 3 degrees lower. Does anyone else have this issue or better, found a way to deal with it? Thanks

  • jasonm

    I have had Tado installed for a few years and have found that it only works reliably in about 1/3 of my house - once I had this figured out it worked consistently well until recently when I have to move the internet bridge due to decorating a room, at which point the wireless bridge kept losing connectivity and keeping the heating on continuously until rebooted.

    Looking at alternative solutions at the moment as personally I think it's quite dangerous to have a system that will leave your heating on continuously with no indication in the app (no visible calls for heat) that the wireless receiver is calling for heat from the boiler.

    I think the TRVs are the nicest design of all the smart TRVs, but until they provide us with some tools to better manage some of the limitations of the system the system isn't fit for purpose.

  • wateroakley

    @davidparlby We have five years of monthly data, nearly two years daily data and Tado since February 2022. After three months of manual interventions on the controls from October 2021 (a pain) we installed Tado. It took about three months to work out the smart system basics of what worked well for us. From 100% consumption in October 2021 ... manual intervention came down to 83% at best. The first quarter with Tado started at 79%, reducing at the end of Year 1 to 62%. Year 2 is now down to 50% for autumn 2023. Year 2 overall is 57% at the same outside temperature (mean CET) . The main point is persevering with the settings and quirks to find out what works well for your system and lifestyle.

    Second, Is the TRV is on a large radiator, or behind furniture or curtains? If the room temperature is too low, you could set a temperature offset in the app settings. In our experience with the large lounge radiator positioned behind furniture, the TRV temperature measurement and offset was problematic. We added a wireless thermostat to the lounge. Bingo! SWMBO is happy now.

  • SPT
    SPT ✭✭
    If you use opentherm then it may well keep the heating on a very low flow temps.

    Tado has been rock solid for us.
  • CamTur
    Such a nightmare this system is. I should have read reviews earlier before purchasing.

    I have exactly the same issues as LesMurray_1says.
    Tado is unoperational and completely unreliable. Had heating working for 2 weeks, while away, but on the app all was turned down.

    The worst technology I have come across by now.

    Not recommended
  • Saybadger
    I have had mine for 14 months. Fairly frequently the heating doesn’t switch off but there have been various other issues from time to time. Completely unreliable. Absolute junk to be honest. Currently have no hot water and no hot water button on the app. No manual override. Can’t find a solution. Tried to contact them but no answer. Tomorrow I am finally getting rid of this rubbish. Good riddance.
  • FFM
    FFM ✭✭

    I understand that some have issues with connection to either the Tado backend (being offline even though internet works) or TRVs (too far away and no extender/booster available).

    But some of the things users are reporting seems like end-user issues (setting things wrong or not understanding how it is supposed to work/be set).

    I have no connection issues and it cannot be more stable. It is fire & forget for me. Roughly 4 years now…

  • policywonk
    It was a big loss when tado stopped responding to end users directly. When my first extension kit failed, under warranty. I called, they ran tests and decided it needed to be replaced. A week later everything was fine. My only problem then was having to rely on their server to keep my systems trimming.
    Since 2020 I have been surprised but the fact that the company does not organise its faqs well, it does not give decent practical advice on ufh and it takes solid research on the part of end users to handle what are common but complex combinations, like ufh zone controlled tirelessly.
    The Internet bridge, even the v3+ is more than 20 years out of date. I use the system because the app is well designed and the products are mostly reliable. Support is less than acceptable. But having tried other products it seems that the trend towards support without humans is today considers to be acceptable. It isn't.