Keep history when meter reaches max or new meter is installed/replaced


Frustrating, as Belgium now forces by law to change to a digital meter. It won't be long before more countries will do this, but Tado gives no option to keep the history. A similar situation would be when the gas meter needs replacement due to malfunction or reaches the max digits it can roll to.

Support's answer was: "Delete all history and start over" but I specifically bought the Tado system to have the history, specifically pay the yearly fee for the app for, you guessed it, the history...

Can Tado Devs add a button that resets the app counter without losing all the previous data?

I mean, a simple Excel formula can fix this by having the last known amount before reset and add the new number for results.

Please, it would be great for many people instead to having to delete 120 gas counter records...

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