App notification for manual TRV changes


There are probably lots of good reasons for this feature but my use case:

Young children, so I have the child lock on the TRVs.

Technophobic parents and in-laws who can't change the heating when doing child care in the house. Spinning the TRV would be ideal for them.

Easiest solution would be for me to disable TRV child lock, but I'd still like to get notifications to know if a child has turned heating up to 25 on a summers day.

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  • This is a problem I am facing too. I wondering about a different solution could be to add a manual control of child lock!

    The idea is a bit like the silent-mode on my phone where if somebody calls me successively in within 5 minutes it will ring as the call is classed as 'urgent'.

    In the case of the TRV maybe if you change the dial to the same temperature twice it would be accepted as an override of the child-lock at the second time. In effect, its a manual way to 'temporarily' disable child-lock.