Help! No heating!

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About a year ago we moved into a new property and inherited an Ideal Logic combi boiler connected to a Tado smart heating system.

As it's now getting colder, we're noticing a lack of central heating at present. The boiler has a message of "room stat or timer off" and there's no heat coming through to the radiators. The Tado box connected to the boiler is flashing lights to indicate that it's connected to the wireless thermostat unit and the app appears to suggest that the Tado system is requesting heat from the boiler but there's nothing being produced and the boiler isn't firing to provide heating. The hot water is fine so we know the boiler is working correctly.

I've tried to reset the boiler and even gone so far as to power it off at the mains and back on again but this hasn't had any effect. I've re-paired the wireless thermostat but the behaviour is the same as before, I can see that the wireless receiver unit has a 4 short flash followed by a gap sequence that I understand suggests that it's paired correctly. I've also removed all smart schedule configuration to leave a single time block heated to 18 degrees and have attempted to boost heating to 25 degrees to make the heating trigger, but again no effect noted.

If anyone has any ideas, or has experienced this problem before, I'd love to hear from you! Selection of screenshots and images attached to demonstrate position.



  • It sounds as though the unit connected to the boiler is a Wireless Receiver, but the description of flashing lights is worrying. If you look at Rooms and Devices I’m the app what does it show for the bridge and the receiver?
  • Is there a timer built into the boiler and if so is it set to permanently on?
  • RabiDuck
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    Thanks to both for the responses.

    The unit connected to the boiler is this:

    On the app, both the Smart Thermostat and the Internet Bridge show as connected.

    I'm not sure on the boiler, I can't see any evidence of a timer, but no expert, given that it's reporting that the timer is off I assume there is one somewhere, but damned if I know where!

  • johnnyp78
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    Although I know Tado sometimes says differently, as far as I know your extension kit (not wireless receiver, that’s a different model) should have a ‘breathing’ led light when it’s connected and paired. Sounds like it isn’t connecting to the bridge
  • Robti
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    I have a logic that still has the built in wireless receiver from a different manufacturer and I have to have it set to always on and leave the tado to control the heating, or could you have turned heating off for the summer via boiler control
  • Robti, I'm not sure about a built in receiver, would this be inside the boiler? I've set it to Winter Mode and the display does show it in Winter Mode before it flicks to the room stat or timer off message, if you know how I can check a built in receiver that might be something...

    Johnny, thanks for the clarification, still trying to work out what all the bits are\do! The light progression is somewhat confusing given different descriptions in different places! The app does seem to show that everything is connected, the pattern I'm seeing doesn't match any of the descriptions on the page you linked to, I suspect I might need to try get some direct support from Tado, has anyone had any experience with this?

  • If you can try bringing the bridge closer and see if that makes a difference. If nothing changes I would get in touch with Tado support.
  • Johnny, by bringing the bridge closer, are you suggesting closer to the extension kit attached to the boiler, or the wireless thermostat? Or would it be worth putting all 3 in close proximity?

  • Bring it closer to the extension kit but it wouldn’t do any harm to bring the wireless thermostat closer as well.