Wiring up a Ideal Vogue C32 GEN2 with V3 starter kit.


After reading the forums, it seems like this should be pretty easy but the instructions / boiler don't make this easy for my simple head - clearly!

I'm trying to upgrade from a Ideal touch wireless thermostat.

Here are some pictures of what I can see.

@johnnyp78 - any advice? You seem to be a helpful chap!


  • johnnyp78
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    That wireless receiver in the boiler is going to cause you problems unless you completely unwire it. I think you then need to put a timer link plug in. Have you tried installing the Tado with the receiver still installed? It might work though. Have you had customised install instructions from Tado? That’s usually a good starting point.
  • As Johnny says, start with install instructions from Tado. Looking at what you have published, assuming this is mains and not low voltage, Tado CH will connect into the room stat/timer connections. Then make sure the wireless stat receiver is ‘on’, I.e. bridged.

  • I needed the install instructions from Tado to get things to work properly.

    I could not get two wired into the L and N terminals, as the holes were too small. I did a neat job by cutting the ferules off, joining the L from the mains, and the L (brown) from the receiver. Then inserting twisted into the terminal. Did the same for the N (blue).

    When I first tried to power the receiver from the mains using a separate mains plug, things did not work.