Thermostat keeps heating all the time

Anyone has this yet, set temperature 16c and thermostat reports 18c and it is clearly over 18c but heat still on 100%. Did reset with removing battery, removing room all together and nothing helps, still reports 18c and target the same 16c but heating on non stop?


  • Can you give me details of what you have installed in your system?

  • All the latest V3 I think, bought couple months back, have 8 rooms with individual thermostats. With internet bridge and boiler control. Started last night, woke up roasting, room clearly was 20+ but thermostat was set 18, I can see it started before 10pm when it showed thermostat off for whatever reason - no other room reported that and right after it just started to heat until I woke up and set thermostat to 15c so it did stop, today reported to support and they did reset something and since then it's heating all the time, doesn't matter what temp I set. Removed thermostat from home for now