Rad calling for heat when it’s above desired temp

Anyone know what’s going on here?

All my rads (which have the smart trvs) are in night mode set to 12 degrees, all the room temps are currently above that, yet 1 rad is apparently calling for heat making the boiler kick in.

If I can’t trust the system to do what it’s told then it’s not fit purpose. If I hadn’t gone into the kitchen where the boiler is I wouldn’t even had known it was happening, and god knows how often it’s been happening causing excess gas usage.

I’ve had to set the rad to “off” to make it stop


  • Can you take a screenshot of the graph for that room? Sometime it will start heating if the temperature is falling rapidly, so might be that.

    Also, there's a red dot notification on your settings which indicates that something might be disconnected.

  • Have you swapped two of your SRT's over to ascertain if the device is faulty?

  • As @pcone has said, Tado will start heating above set temp if it sees that temperature is dropping. This is to avoid it going significantly below the set temp. In the same way, it will also stop heating before set temp is reached as the radiator will still be hot and dumping heat into the room