Heating Efficiency

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I was looking to see if anyone has the same issue as me? I’m not sure if I am micro zoning too much? I have a 3 level house with really poor internal insulation between rooms. I have downstairs at frost protection as we don’t use it very often, and then I am setting the rooms we are using to 18-19oC and the rooms not in use (e.g bedrooms through the day to 16oC). I’m finding the heating is on a lot of the day, and is roughly costing us £20 of gas p/d. I realise prices are high but I just feel somethings now right. I’m starting to think that the heat is just moving to try heat the rooms that are lower therefore defeating the purpose of the TRVs?
If anymore has some advise or how to zone or setup my schedules then that would be appreciated!
Any help appreciated
Many thanks


  • Have a look at Heat Geek on Youtube. They have some good videos around the pros and cons of zoning.

    I do think that your system is probably fighting against the heat loss between rooms so it probably makes more sense to heat the whole house to a similar temp.

    What size is your property (m2)? £20/day is loads of gas! As a comparison for October last year, my 100m2 3 bed, 2 storey, 15 year old house used about £2/day of gas. Even in December '22 when it must have been quite cold, we used less than £6/day. I have zoning set up for some rooms but keep others independent so they only heat when another room is heating

    Is there an oppotunity to improve inter-room insulation? Also, what's the insulation like to the outside world?