2 zone problems

Hi people.
Wonder if anyone can please help? Im going of my nut.
I have a 2 zone we'll call house amd room, room is just 1 radiator and house is lots.
The house works with all trv's and the little white thing you plug into the router and the thermostat that replaces the house one.

The room is just a trv and is governed by another house thermostat and the app of course.

I was on the understanding that if i turn the room thermostat upto lets say 28 all the time but only turn the trv on via the app it would all be fine but no!
The rad doesnt get hot obviously until ive turned it on via the app BUT the boiler stays on all the time probably just heating the pipes.

Is there any way i can stop this without buying another tado thermostat and wiring it into my boiler? Tado told me i can only have 1 wireless thermostat and one white thing (cant remember its name) that plugs into the router in any one house

Im sure this wont read properly 🤣🤣

Thanks ian