Can you have a room that works independantly from the rest of the house?

My heating is 1 tado thermostat and dumb trvs. So that controller controls every rad.
The office is in the garage, i want to be able to turn the heating on and off for that room independently from the rest of the house.
Eg so when someone is working in office but the house is empty, they can just heat the office and when we're in the house and the office is empty, the house is hot but the office rad is off.
If the office has a 2nd thermostat added and a smart trv put on the rad.
Can it turn the heating on for that rad only or would turning it on still heat the rest of the house.
Is the only way to make it independent is if i put smart trvs of every rad in the house??


  • I have the same problem. I have 3 flow valves which I want to control independently. They control different parts of the house. It appears that this cannot be achieved with Tado.
    Wired thermostats are not an option.
    This apparently cannot be achieved using wireless thermostats.
    Anyone got an answer to this issue.
  • Can’t help with the second query but @Howls you need tado trvs on every radiator you don’t want to heat up when the boiler turns on.
  • @jonnyp78 thank you, thought so