Boiler stuck on, I guess I need a new thermostat?

I've been using a full Tado system with TRVs in every room for a few years now but last night it did something new. The heating had been off for hours but the boiler mysteriously sprang to life and stayed on. After a lot of rebooting everything I found I was only able to shut the boiler off by pulling the Tado thermostat off the wall.

I guess it's dead, although interestingly it still turns the boiler on the moment I plug it back in. It just never turns out off again.

I tried Tado support but of course got no reply. They're certainly up there for the worst customer service out there.

So I guess I need a replacement. My thermostat came in one of the starter kits and the description of what's in those is weirdly vague. Are the wired add-on thermostats the same thing? The word add-on makes me suspect that they aren't, but Tado don't sell anything else outside of the starter kits.


  • They are the same thing but I would make sure that it isn’t a problem that won’t replicate itself, like a software or range issue before you splash out.
  • I find the best way to contact Tado support is by email:
    [email protected]
  • I never got a response from Tado so I went ahead and ordered a new thermostat. How would I go about replacing this? (Ideally without deleting everything and starting over).