What are the best trv bodies to replace my manual valves with before fitting tado thermostats?

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What are the best trv bodies to replace my manual valves with before fitting tado smart radiator thermostats? Furthermore, I currently have manual peglar terriers, that are fitted very close to the radiators. there isnt enough room for a trv on some of them, so I assume it may require extra plumbing or a horizontal fit perhaps?


  • We have a successful mixture of Honeywell, Drayton TRV4 and ecocal thermostatic valves with Tado TRVs. The one straight Pegler valve works ok for us, but one Pegler right angle wasn’t happy.

  • Ok, looking at the Drayton installation guide, I should be able to fit angled valves horizontally at the bottom of the rads.
    Now, I just need to figure out which valve bodies are best for tado and also are good value. The tado site only states I need M30 x 1.5mm valves.
    Any more recomendations?
  • The Honeywell, Drayton Trv4 and ecocal are M30 x 1.5mm fitting. No need for the Tado adapters. Drayton valves are available in singles or bulk online at that big A seller.

  • My engineer fitted some Wolseley center 205770 15mm angled TRVs. They dont need an adapter and seem to work fine. I think I read somewhere they are manufactured by Myson.
  • ..... There are other threads about problems with tado thermostats fitted vertically. Be sure to read these if you don't plan on buying a wireless sensor for every room. Without the separate sensor you should probably fit horizontally, and will need to offset 1-2° in the settings.
  • I've used Danfoss Radiator Thermostat RAS-C2. They worked great by themselves with a main thermostat old-school, semi-smart, wireless thermostat controller.

    Was really happy with them actually. On my system they are mounted horizontally and on top side of each radiator.

    I recommend to see what adjustment you need to make as the tado ones, with the adaptor require a lot of room. For me, on horizontal placement, they require around 15cm for an easy fit. I had to cut some furniture in one place to fit it (while the Danfoss one, big by itself fit just enough, tado didn't fit).