Smart AC Installation

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I have bought a Smart AC control but the installation lacks any useful information.

How can I connect it to Wifi? What is the HomeKit?

Ok i figured it out I have to download 'Home' application which is never mentioned at anywhere at Tado site / installation process. Do I need 'Home' to be installed on my phone to be able to use Tado?

Do I have to setup a home hub in 'Home' to be able to use it when I am not on my home wifi?


  • I don’t have a tado ac control but I can tell you that HomeKit is only a requirement if you want to integrate your Tado product into the Apple product ecosystem- control it with Siri for example. If you want to use it as a standalone product you only need Tado’s own app.
  • No without HomeKit tado does not join to wifi.

  • I don’t know much about Tado’s a/c system but HomeKit is just apple’s proprietary iot protocol, it shouldn’t have anything to do with whether you can connect to your wifi router. Maybe you should contact Tado support?