Apple Homekit Apple Homekit is no longer to connect to the Smart Thermostat.

Recently my Apple Homekit is no longer to connect to the Smart Thermostat.

There or no issue connecting to the Smart AC Control.

If I cycle the power of the internet bridge, the homekit is able to connect for like 20-24 hours.

When the Apple Homekit is not able to connect to the Smart Thermostat, the Tado IOS application is therefore I don't suspect a networking issue.

The AC Smart Control is using WIFI and the Smart Thermostat is wired, connected to the the router directly.

How can I troubleshoot this?


  • I have the same problem since 3 days. I can see the devices but temperatures are not matched and they all seem off although tado app is showing ON when they are actually ON.

    When I try to manage devices in Homekit, it does set the desired temperature on the devices but there is somehow no feed from tado bridge to the homekit so that my automations are failing.

    It’s pretty critical for me as I have some ventilations working in relation with tado devices.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  • Hi all! Same thing here.
    Just bought 7 radiator knobs and suddenly my Tado mural thermostat is no longer visible, whatever I reset the bridge or not and the 7 knobs are not showing in HomeKit. I’m so pissed by Tado today… How can they still pretend HomeKit compatibility?