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Please can we have telephone support, the chat support takes too long whilst I am unable to control my heating.

If chat support is going to be the only option, you should reply within the hour and also have agents available outside of normal office hours when people are free to actually contact you.

I started the chat on day 1, I got a response on day 2 and was asked for pictures, I responded within minutes, and now it's day 3 and I'm still waiting for a response
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  • Unfortunately you are experiencing tado's perception of "Customer Support/Service".........tado has withdrawn from their users and rarely seems to respond in a manner that most people would consider to be acceptable.

  • It's ridiculous, it cost so much. Should have gone with a different brand, I don't mind having live chat as the only contact method but one response per day is just not on
  • Are your devices within the warranty period ?? 🤔
  • I prefer to use email and find the reaction time reasonable but not as good as a proper support line would be: operatortado844a35e31252intercommailcom
  • The chat option has never worked for me as no-one answered my question so I ended up corresponding by email, which took hours for a response.

    Tado are very wanting in the area of customer support.