Tado thermostat not powering on after battery change

Recently changed my batteries on my Tado stat and noticed it wouldn’t power on. Checked battery voltage and orientation in the compartment and both were good. Decided I would have a look inside and verify power circuit, the case is very easy to pop open using a small flathead screwdriver and just gently push the side out to release the clip. The positive and negative terminals from the battery connector are easy to put a multimeter probe on and test for continuity against the battery compartment terminals. There was no continuity! As I moved the probe I slightly touched the battery connector on the board and it just fell out of its socket. It was as simple as just pushing the battery plug onto the board firmly, closing it all back up, putting the batteries in and it fired right up. Can only presume that the connectors for the battery terminal aren’t the best quality and come loose easily if you are bashing it around a bit whilst mounting to the wall etc.