Heating status for On/Off mode

I would prefer to see the heating status as a simple on/off symbol rather than the three waves. I have a heating source that does not support opentherm and thereby only works in on/off mode.

Why I would need this:

This would be useful to really check if my heatpump is working properly: I currently do not always know for sure if it is switching off due to excess heat (need for more buffering) or because tado is trying to modulate (which is actually unnecessary with a heatpump).

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  • I think my suggestion is similar but slightly different. I too have a heating system that is on/off only (combi boiler). My issue is that with the variable demand system (the 3 wavy lines) the app shows a room as ‘heating’ as soon as there is even low demand (one wavy line) which does not in fact fire the boiler so the room is not being heated. This means a lot of the data collected by the app is incorrect since it logs much more time heating than actually occurs.
    Please create a setting specifically for combi boilers (or any other on/off style of heating) that will then allow the app to show the correct usage data. Thanks.
  • PS I’m sure this affects many people. Maybe some of them are not even aware of this issue as it’s only obvious if you look at the graphs and data more closely. Others may not know where to post or which posts apply. This thread isn’t exactly my issue from the op so maybe I should start a new one?
    My app shows periods of heating in rooms that are actually false as the demand wasn’t high enough to actually fire the boiler.