Wired thermostat v3 and radiator thermostats in one room not supported?

I have installed a wired smart thermostat and radiator thermostats on the radiators in the main room. I have radiator thermostats in other rooms as well as I want to program with a different temperature/schedule

I noticed that the radiators in the main room are closed off when the temperature is achieved, as expected. But the heating keeps burning gas while the other rooms are not requesting heat.

When I remove the radiator thermostats and I only rely on the wired room thermostat it is working fine.

What I notice is that in this setup the temperature is actually going a bit higher than requested before the heating stops.

The consumption is very high when I install all the radiator thermostats. But I want to be able to program other rooms to different temperatures without having to heat the entire house to the highest temperature (bathroom).

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  • dnouls
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    I think I finally have it working.

    • Removed the thermostats, put some WD40 on the pins and manually pressed them in a few times until it moved smoothly.
    • Restarted all the thermostats and let them recalibrate again.
    • Disabled Early Start, since I read in another thread that that was causing a lot of extra consumption at totally wrong times.

    I then increase the temperature in the app and all my radiators started heating up. When the room had the right temperature I double checked that the heater really stopped (and it did!)

    So, case closed for now!


  • Are the TRVs and the ‘stat in the same virtual room, and have you set the ‘stat as the measuring device?
  • Which device is set to be the measuring device in the living room? As for high consumption, sounds like you need to change the schedules.
  • The wired thermostat is set as the measuring device.

    The schedules are not the issue. I removed the radiator thermostats in the same room and the consumption is way down with the same config.

    When I install them I can feel that the radiators are closed (they are cold) while tado is still asking for heat but there is no demand for another room.
  • Sounds like you might need to contact Tado support in that case and ask them why the thermostat is still calling for heat.