Radiators + Water-based underfloor heating


I have 3 floors at home.

Floor 1: 1 Wired Smart Thermostat + 2 Smart Radiator Thermostats

Floor 2: 2 Smart Radiator Thermostats

Floor 3: Smart Thermostat wired to the pump controlling the Water-based underfloor heating.

I used to connect all the Smart Radiator Thermostats to the Wired Smart Thermostat in Floor 1 (Zone Controller), but when I tried to connect the Smart Thermostat in floor 3 to the Zone Controller in floor 1, it won't allow you unless you set it as Wireless Temperature Sensor, but even in that case it was set as a Independent Zone Controller and it doesn't control de pump of the Water-based underfloor heating.

What I want is that boiler is call when temperature in floor 3 reachs a threshold and then pump is open. If the floor has the temperature requested the pump remains closed.

How can I set up the system?



  • If floor 3 allows you to set it as a wireless temp sensor then you should be able to set its zone controller as the thermo in floor 1. Is that not what’s happening?
  • Nope, somehow it doesn't allow me to select the thermo in floor 1, Heating Zone appears as "No Zone Controller (independent)" and doesn't allow me to select Zone Controller in floor 1.

    Also as Wireless Temperature Sensor, it doesn't look like can control the water valve/pump.


  • If it’s being used to trigger something it will have to be a zone controller itself. I don’t think that it can be linked with another zone controller.