Worcester Bosh 24/28i Greenstar with Comfort RF 1 wireless thermostat

I've bought a Tado from Ovo, but now realise my control unit is listed as 'not compatible'. Is there any way to fix this?

The unit is a Worce.ster Bosh 24/28i Greenstar with Comfort RF 1 wireless thermostat.

My plumber has tried installing it, but we can't get the heating to come on.

Why is this so hard, there only seem to be a few wires?


  • Did you bridge/unwire the existing wireless thermostat?
  • SeanKey
    edited November 2023

    Yes, we took it out and he says he bridged it.

    I've seen a couple of other posts about 24/28i boilers here I've sent him the links to, but I'm worried now about it being listed as 'not compatible' due to the controller unit....?

    Don't really understand what difference the wireless controller makes if we've taken it out?

    Feeling dumb 🙃