Weekly valve exercise TVRs + hot water valve + zone valves


Hi I used to have I terrrier units and they would weekly exercise the valves i.e. fully open and close to ensure valves do not stick.

Also with boiler and separate hot water tank valve and central heating valve needs a weekly poke to open and close both.

I have solar so in summer and a emersion element so neither of the valves on the S plan ever get used. As gas is more than elec (I have ev tariff so 23:30 to 05:30 7.5pkwh) and gas is less efficient, about double kw for gas to heat hot water, I hardly heat hot water from gas but need to ensure the valve operates.

I can set up schedules say Sunday at 12:00 to run all stats 25oc and hot water but minimum time is 15 mins.

So we need a weekly 1 min close and open all valves and a run central heating whatever temperature modes, settings and geofence. so the central heating pump and valves routinely run.

The hot water one is more tricky as this is independent and relies on the tank temp to be lower and ideally tado to make a tank thermostat and interface,,,,, Ill add this as another request


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