V3+ installation with district heating

Hi all
Just got myself a v3+ stater kit to replace my fixed honeywell thermostat and Honeywell programmer.
Before I replace the programmer, I noticed a couple extra wires in the existing connections so wanted to ask if I can just go ahead and reconnect the existing wires directly into the same connection on the tado programmer?

I can see that the HW COM loops to the CH COM which loops to the L, but there's also another brown wire in the HW COM which I'm not sure what for. Also have 2 wires in the N connection and not sure where the extra wire is going.

Can I just replace these all into the same slot in the tado and it should work as expected?


  • royi

    Install the app and follow the specific instructions for your boiler programmer and thermostat. Don't double guess. Make sure you take pictures before and after. Post here if necessary.