Smart TRV’s....what do I need to work with my boiler

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Hi. I have purchased the Internet bridge and Smart TRV units and have those hooked up together, but if I wanted to get them direct to work with my combi boiler to control the heating direct what other hardware would I need (as I understand I cant get the Nest unit I currently have to talk direct to Tado)? Can I just fit a Tado wireless receiver (wired in to the boiler) without the need for a Tado wireless thermostat as well that will talk to the Smart TRV's, or do you have to have both to get the the TRV units to control the heating to the receiver? Thanks in advance.

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  • Thanks. I have seen that there is a EU version for combi boilers, but presume that I don’t need that one. I have a combi boiler but only use the Nest unit for heating so you just wire in the heating connections like for the Nest. It looks like the receiver unit is a straight(ish) swap for the Nest Heatlink.
  • It depends how the nest is wired. If it’s wired with a modulating connection (like Opentherm) then for a like for like replacement you’ll need the eu wireless receiver or a smart thermostat. If it’s wired for relay any Tado device will work.