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Multiple TRVs in one room

VertigoVertigo ✭✭✭
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How does Tado handle multiple TRVs in one room (with no wall thermostat)? If I set the room temp to 20C, and one TRV measures 18C and the other 24C, will the boiler trigger, and open one radiator, and close the other, or will tado average the numbers and assume the room is at 21C and not trigger and keep both valves closed ?

When adding a wall thermostat to that room, will only the wall thermostat trigger the boiler for that room, or will individual TRVs still do it if any one of them is below target temp? Will all TRVs in the room open and close simultaneously based on the wall thermostat, or will each valve open/close depending on its own measurement?

Im still waiting for my plumber to replace my valves, so I did some tests putting my TRV on top of my existing valve, and the results are sobering; When I put the TRV on the table, it measures fairly accurately compared to my calibrated thermometer. But when I put it where it will be mounted near the radiator, Im getting up to 5C deviation in temperature measurements, with the TRV reporting 26C while in reality its 21C. 😕


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