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Adding an Extension Kit to an existing setup

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Hi I have a Tado Smart Thermostat and bridge which work fine with my CH/DW programmer (which is directly wired to the boiler). Today I replaced the programmer (British Gas Model UP2) with an extension kit. I got to a point in the "add device", where I selected extension kit, where the installation stopped and the device showed no connection. I have went through the connection process with the bridge and it is now showing connected in the app. It also shows installation not complete so I try to continue and it says it does not know enough about my system and that I need to reply to an email, answering the enclosed questions which I did.

I now seem to be in limbo with no way to progress - will I get a reply from support before Monday? Has anyone ever seen this before?


  • Hello GreenB,

    When you want to add an Extension Kit to an existing setup, you must have received an email from our installation team asking you for the details that are required to provide you with the specific installation instructions and to prepare the correct configuration of your system. Please answer this email or contact our support if you haven't received it.

    Best regards,


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