How to connect with Apple Homekit


I am trying to connect the Tado Bridge with my "Home" on my iPhone.

So I go, as instructed, in to the "home" app, and then choose "add accessory" and then scan the code on the bridge.

But the Tado bridge does not appear as an accessory that I can add.

I previously added successfully a Phillips HUE bridge, so I know what the process is supposed to look like.

Using an mDNS browser I see that the TADO bridge does announce itself. So it should be visible on the network.

What am I doing wrong?


  • Hello Krist,

    Please make sure the Bridge and the phone are connected to the same network.

    You may also need to perform a Factory reset of the Internet Bridge (hold its Factory reset button until the lights flash) before trying again.

    Please contact our support if the issue persist

    Best regards,


  • I got the same, identical issue. I tried resetting the internet bridge, no way. It doesn't work.

    Anyone can please help?

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