Temporary manual override for childlock on TRV

I would love to have the ability to configure an override code to allow adjusting the temperature on my child locked Smart Radiator Thermostat without using the app.

The override code should be first configured via the app and could consist of for example three numbers indicating how many clicks the TRV needs to be turned in a specific direction.

Example code: 3R, 5L, 4R

Meaning to activate the manual override, one would need to turn the radiator TRV: 3 clicks to the right, 5 clicks to the left and finally 4 clicks to the right. This would give me 1 minute to adjust the temperature on the TRV before the childlock re enabled.
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  • This seems to be a very convoluted method of achieving a change to a Child lock protected device..... I personally would just carry out the temporary change via the App