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What valve is this?

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Installing TRVs and have several newer radiators with a valve like this:
Any idea what they and what kind of adaptor I need? Don’t think anything in the box fits


  • Hard to say without measurement, but it does look like M30x1.5, in which case, you dont need any adapter at all, you can screw the TRV on directly.

    If it doesnt fit, this should help:


  • Thank you.
    The standard screw thread is too large so I need some kind of adapter.
    Have attached some better photos.

    The screw thread is 25mm diameter and from the base of the screw thread to to the base of the valve pin is about 18mm tall
  • Could it be 26mm? The PDF linked at the bottom of the article I linked shows a "Pintossi" 26mm which requires an adapter, its lists the adapter name and EAN code.

    If its the 24mm Landis & Gyr, they you appear to be out of luck

    If its neither of those, contact tado support directly.

  • The Pintossi adaptor looks worth a shot. Not that cheap and will need to import them but given the alternative is getting a plumber in to replace the valves I’ll have a go.
    Tried to Bodge it with the 28mm adaptor. It’s a tad loose but thought may work. Even with the smallest pin though it was too proud to connect the TRV to the base. Have tried to trim a few mm from the plastic pin and it will attach but the TRV just won’t try to calibrate, I’m not sure what triggers this?
    Am also waiting to see what official Tado support think.

    Thanks again,
  • To calibrate the TRV must feel resistance at the end as it pushes the pin in (close the valve), and little or no resistance as it opens the valve. Ive managed to fool one with my finger, just pushing hard when its almost fully extended.

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