Just wanted to share this

I installed tado about four weeks ago with 10 radiator valves, bridge and extension kit. My property is fairly compact with the furthest valve being about 14 metres from the bridge. However I was getting a dropout on that valve 3/4 times a day for anything up to 10 minutes at a time. I naturally thought it was due to distance from the bridge, and although it wasn’t too inconvenient I started experimenting with the position of the bridge. However I found that moving the bridge would then cause another valve to drop out instead, and sometimes the valve affected would be even nearer to the bridge than the original valve. Having raised an issue with the tech team, we decided to change the frequency that my set up was using, even though the technician thought that it wasn’t a frequency issue as only one valve was dropping out. Lo and behold, five days on from the change in frequency, and I have not had a single valve drop out.

I can only assume that something was cutting in now and then and affecting the frequency. I suspect possibly the smart meter that apparently links in several times a day to transmit meter readings, but obviously cannot confirm that.

So the morale is if your experiencing similar no access issues that can’t be explained, and your valves are not obviously way out of the recommended distance, it may be worth getting the frequency changed. It took them about half an hour and was relatively straightforward. No schedules lost so nothing to do my end.

Hope this helps someone.


  • I’m encountering the same thing but can’t see how to change a frequency. How does that work?