The smart radiator thermostat in our office/library says the humidity is 64% so left the Meaco dehumidifier in the room which says the H. Is 52%. SRT still says 64% Which do I believe?


  • emD
    I have a similar issue. My two SRT’s and Meaco that are in the same (fairly large open plan) room show similar humidity readings. The wired thermostat that is also in this room shows from five to ten percent higher. The thermostat is older and so I have assumed that it’s humidity sensor has become inaccurate. I guess the only way to check this would be to borrow an independent humidity sensor for a while and compare.
  • mistachesta

    Came here looking for other views and it seems we're not alone.

    I've been monitoring humidity using the tado TRV's and, given the time of year and UK weather, I decided to take action and buy a dehumidifier given I'm getting readings of over 70% humidity in some rooms. I also bought the Meaco Arete dehumidifier which is in place, doing its job well... but I noticed the humidity reading on that is way lower than the readings I'm getting from the tado TRVs... tado says 78% humidity.... dehumidifier reads 55%.

    I decided to buy three standalone sensors and stand them next to each other, they all consistently read closer to the dehumidifier (+/- a few %), all WAY lower than the tado TRVs.

    I tested this in each room, and for each, the readings on the standalone sensors and the dehumidifier are within a few %, but the tado TRVs are reading so much higher. Something isn't right here... the same applies to the temperature reading. Looks like tado is way off compared to multiple external devices.

    I'd be keen to hear other views on this, and I'll also submit to tado as a ticket for a response.