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What is the guaranteed lifetime of V3+ ?

The Tado devices are not too cheap. I'd like to know the minimum support time or guaranteed lifetime of the current devices and app version.

I understand that Smart Thermostat or TRV can break after and there is a (2 years) warranty. But my question is more about the lifetime of the whole solution at current version. I.e. current devices and App are V3+. Will that still work in 10 or 15 years? I assume that in 10 years there will be much higher version. Will version 3+ and current devices still be Supported? Also will a compatibility be maintained? E.g. if in 5 or 10 years my V3+ TRV breaks and I will buy a replacement which will be version year 2032. Would that still be backward compatible? Or would I be forced to buy whole new set of everything if 1 piece get broken?

Thanks, J.


  • Hello JohnA,

    We can't foresee what's the technology will allow in the future and we can't promise anything, but our intention has always been to expand the usable life of our products as much as possible.

    You can see how our very first customers from 2011 are still able to control their systems with the latest version of the app (v3+). And current devices (V3+ hardware) can be controlled with both the original app (the one that was launched in 2011 and became V3 with the time) and the new one (V3+).

    In our 1st version, the Connector Kit, the whole set was one system. And we learned from that so since our V2 everything is modular. So far you can use V2 Bridges from 2014 with V3+ Smart Thermostats from 2019 and viceversa. Again, without knowing what the future may bring, we intend to maintain this policy for further developments as long as it's technically possible.

    Best regards


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