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My I phone will not connect to Tado but is connected on my I pad, how do you rectify that please, al

Already followed instructions on web site


  • Hello Pauline,

    You only need to log in with the same username and password in any device in which you want to use your account.

    Best regards,


  • i have logged into the app on the phone, it says there are no devices connected to this device, after following instructions to use I pad to connect a device and again following instructions and filling in details the error message says that device is registered to another home. Tado works on my iPad and my husbands phone and his I pad. Please reply swiftly with correct information it is not acceptable that rectifying this problem takes so long.

  • Is anyone going to respond please!,😡😡😡🤬

  • I had this problem today after getting Tado installed. I solved this by deleting the app and then reinstalling on phone - hope this works for you

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