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Reducing the maximum manual temperature

Hello, I rent a room with a separate tado thermostat and circuit.

People often set the temperature to 25 degrees but the radiators can't make the space that hot so it just cycles the boiler wasting oil and energy.

Is there a way to lower the maximum that the thermostat can be set to?


  • Hello UKTadoer,

    No, unfortunately there's no way to set a limit below 25º.

    If you would like to suggest this kind of feature development, you can do it in our Suggestions, Ideas and Improvements section, where our users can vote for the development ideas you're interested in.

    Best regards,


  • You could try using the temperature offset feature in settings.
    It would still show 25° but the actual temp would be reduced by the offset.
  • Why has Tado arbitrarily decided to set the limit at 25C? Some seem to want it lower - I would like it higher. Old-style manual thermostats never had this restriction. and Nest doesn't have such a low limit either.

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