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My Internet Bridge went off-line and I didn't realise for hours. A simple reset was all it took to fix the issue, which I could have done way sooner if I'd realised.

Tado sends other notifications, like a thermostat needing batteries.

I would like Tado to send me a notification, either push-notification in the app, or email, when my internet bridge has been off-line for more than say 2 minutes.

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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Dutchman Would tado know?

  • royi
    royi ✭✭

    If connection to the internet is lost. How will the bridge communicate by email or in the app.

  • you see the inherent "problem"
    Isn't tado just technically brilliant.....
  • I presume that Tado does know. If you go to the app you can see the Internet Bridge under devices, as well as its status (normally "Connected"). So at the very least the smartphone app could provide a notification on the phone.

  • And my assumption is that you expect tado to instigate this notification for their customers......
  • I had just this incident yesterday and wished the app had notified me. In my case, the power to the bridge had got disconnected during some rewiring, so my fault.

    I raised the matter with Tado, but they have referred me to here, with no suggestion they might do anything about it.

    In answer to the point above about notifications not working if the internet is down, most people would have the app on a smart phone and expect the notification to come there. Most smart phones detect the availability of the internet over Wifi and will switch to Mobile data if available.

    It would also be nice to know of a list of all the incident types that give rise to a notification. And also a list of possible incidents that don't! I've never had one notification.

  • Just found out my devices were offline since Tuesday 9th at arond 10:38. ALL of them. I had to remove the batteries or power cord on all of them to reconnect.

    No notification whatsoever. Though in the app a red dot was showing that all was doen. Why no notifications. And better yet. Why was everything down. Internet was connected and I am very sure, because my firewall app does tell me when internet goes down.

    This realy is not what I would expect when you have a "notification" part on the app and have to give access to the app to send notifications.

    Please TaDo. This needs to be addressed.