App Ideas - 'call for heat' alignment

Issue: my heating is on a lot through the day. I'd like better visibility of when the boiler has been triggered (called for heat) and by what. And better control so I can (or the system automatically will) try to align devices calling for heat (so perhaps 3 devices call for heat together for an hour, then all go off for an hour, rather than one calling then the next, then the next, so the boiler is always on).
1) make it clear on the app which rooms are currently calling for heat (maybe add an outlined box around rooms calling for heat)
2) have a report showing when during the day the boiler was being called for heat and by what device
3) add a tile/room on the app called Boiler. When you're in that room, you can set "accept call for heat" times (like a heating schedule). This schedule defaults to "on" for 100% of the time, but if the users switches this off during certain hours then the boiler ignores calls for heat.
4) better still, have the software recognise when multiple devices will be calling for heat and then make them align when they call for heat (so the boiler isn't always on).

Issue 2
Some rooms I don't want to ever actively "call for heat" but I do want them to receive heat when the boiler is on and to shut off when it gets too hot. I could achieve this by just using a non-tado thermostatic radiator valve. But I can't do that for underfloor heating.
Proposed solution:
Allow the user the set whether the device/room has the ability to "call for heat" (default), or not.

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  • Hi, I like your thinking and have up-voted. However, for Issue 2 if you set the zone controller to independent then it will not call for heat (although it will state it is calling for heat). In reality it is just accepting heat (i.e. the TRV is open, but if the boiler isn't on nothing will happen).