Multi zone wireless thermostats

Can you replace two wired multi zone thermostats with two wireless tado thermostats and still control each heating separately? Or does the second thermostat need to be a wired tado thermostat? Thanks.


  • JamesU
    JamesU ✭✭
    I have a similar problem with under floor heating. I want a wireless thermostat in the room being the decider but elsewhere in the house I have a wired thermostat to control the pump and a tado trv to open close the valve.

    Dear Tado please can the software be adjusted to allow two thermostats to be associated one room ??

    Thanks James
  • wateroakley
    wateroakley Volunteer Moderator

    @JamesU its not entirely clear to me of the logic process for what what you want to do. In principle, with an S-type zone valve setup, a combination of Tado products and wiring should be able to meet the two thermostat logic process for one room.