Zone controller assigning in API or create fireplace mode in TADO app.


So my problem is i can not control the zone controller from the tado API. I use Home assistant and would like to have the abbility to create a "Fireplace On" switch (in Home assistant or in the TADO app) that will toggle the zone controller for selected rooms.

I have TRV's on all my radiators (except 2 bypass radiators). In my living room i have assigned the zone controller and in all other rooms the TRV's are set as independent. This is working well. When the living room is asking heat, all the other rooms will heat up to the set value. My problem is when i fire up the fireplace (wood stove). My fireplace will heat my living room so it is not asking for heat. The other rooms will get cold.

Please consider the creation of "Fireplace mode" in the TADO app or let us control the zone controller per room with the API.

Thank you.

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