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Why does my SRT show too high temp?

The SRT says 23 degrees celcius, however it’s not more than 15-16 degrees in the room. I guess it’s because the censor is too close to the radiator. But how do you adjust to this?


  • I have had to buy room thermostats for every room in order to sort this out and that is an expensive option.

    You're absolutely right - despite Tado's assertion that the radiator TRVs have 2 sensors and theres no problem, there actually IS a problem. I have just put a room thermostat in my baby's room and it is now getting to heat and remaining there.

  • It’s simple to fix. Go to the settings for the room in the app and you can set an offset to compensate for the fact sensor is closer to radiator. I have used a thermometer in centre of each room to measure temperature and the set negative offset for the valve, works perfectly. Not sure previous reply has anything to do with this issue. See picture

  • Offset is not a good solution. The TRV will indicate too much if the radiator is hot, if you offset that in the app, it will read too low when the radiator is cold. I did some tests with one TRV mounted on the radiator and one on my desk, and the differences I have seen range from -3C to +5C (!).

    Whats really needed is a sensor mounted away from the radiator. One that doesnt cost 120 euros and ideally ones we already have in our smart homes.

  • @Vertigo: Thank you. That answers my question. And I guess I knew it already. Just really disappointed to spend 120 euros on a Starter Kit that’s inaccurate... To put it mildly.

    But the real problem (in my opinion) is that Tado doesn’t offer a fix other than the offset? It should be fairly easy to produce and market a cheap “secondary” censor as a part of the Starter Kit?

    Is Tado listening in on these conversations?
  • I use offset and it works absolutely fine but if people want to use other devices it’s up to them

  • @JKD It supposedly works better if you can mount the TRV horizontally, if you have that option, do try it, but I still wouldnt expect miracles if your valve is close to the radiator and especially in an area with little circulation/convection or in a corner of the room.

    Like I posted in one of a dozen other threads on this subject, you can use another TRV which you hide somewhere on your desk or shelve, and use it as a room thermostat. Its not ideal, its still overpriced, it only has 1C resolution (even though it measures accurately to 0.1C) but it does work and its how I currently do it for my office room.

    As for Tado; browse through this forum and discover a bazillion ideas that range from useful to "unbelievable its not implemented", but pretty much none of it happens. About the only thing Ive seen added in the past 2 years is what no one ever asked for: an air quality tab and subscription fee for automatic geolocation. Meanwhile the early start feature has been broken since 2017 and stuff like child locks and or multi home support has been removed from the roadmap along with everything else. Common sense features like multi user / multi zone support or a silent mode for in the bedroom that lets you keep the valve open at night without triggering the boiler, never even made it on there. So dont hold your breath.

    BTW, they dont even have to develop a new product. There are plenty of cheap air temperature/humidity sensors that already exist, that already work over wifi or with existing hubs and platforms. For 15-20 euro retail you can buy a zigbee or sonoff device thats not only a wifi temperature/humidity sensor, but a wifi enabled socket to drive something else, like a fan or a dehumidifier. All thats needed is the software accepting an external value from some sonoff/tasmota/zigbee/whatever device.

    And since some of those devices, like the sonoff are actually smarter than tado thermostats, they could also act like a hub. Imagine that, a device so advanced it could even keep the time and a local copy of the schedule so your schedule works even when the internet does not. Mind blowing stuff. You know, just like any 30 year old mechanical clock thermostat.

  • @Vertigo 😉😏 Would love to see that Tado roadmap. If there is one.
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