Why is Energy IQ so bad?

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Why does Tado not care about Energy IQ being in any way accurate? I've given accurate meter readings and the output is TOTAL junk. Here's my energy usage by month:

I basically don't have any heating on Jun-Sept, and so my gas usage for cooking and hot water is approx 25m^3. It's probably a bit more - but probably not double - in winter, but Tado assumes that more than half of my gas usage is for something other than heating. In Dec 2023 I'd imagine the real answer is more like 250m^3 of gas for heating, not 92 like Tado says!!!

Suggestions for Tado:

  • Let you just assume 100% of gas use is heating
  • Provide a set value in m^3 for gas use that is heating
  • Listen to your customers and sort out this paid-for feature!!!

Has anyone found how to make EnergyIQ actually represent the real cost of their heating?


  • mindstorm
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    I'm not sure but I think it calculates by the SRT demand. I've now got 12 SRT and on the consumption by room, i show a m3 usage for each one.

    I only had 50% of the radiators fitted with Tado last winter and I had only about 50% accuracy from Energy IQ. I fitted more last summer and in Dec 23 it was 230 total/204 Tado so about right. This month I have use 260 so far and Tado is showing 218.

    It can't be 100% as it's not a calibrated measure but I guess it's more accurate the more devices it knows about. If most of your radiators are standard TRV's, Tado can't know the usage apart from boiler run time and with a combi boiler it has not idea of water either.

  • SPT
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    Nope, it's not accurate but a guess
  • GrayDav4276

    Tado uses the old style of calculating our usage.....it's called the SWAG method.....which for those that don't understand what I mean......SWAG stands for Scientific Wild Arsed Guess......or to put it another way, tado has no possible way to determine the usage of everyones unique household setup..........Energy IQ is no more than a "tado sales gimmick"

  • tgm21

    I get this is not simple across all houses. But being able to provide non-heating usage and/or at least specifying what other gas uses you have and number of house users to work out likely hot water usage etc would be a plan

  • GrayDav4276
    I'm sorry to say that I really don't expect any further changes to the EnergyIQ feature by tado.....it will take a requirement from tado to devote time, effort, resources and manpower to achieve anything noteworthy.
    Not gonna happen- not now-not ever.
    They don't appear to monitor this Forum anymore.....