Replacing old (2014) Tado with a new one- what's the process?

Quick one, suspect the answer is simple but I want to make sure I don't muck anything up and break the heating in my house.

I have a 2014 Tado wired thermostat (amongst all the other tado bits I have in the house).

It doesn't owe me anything- it's done sterling service to date. However the battery compartment has broken. For now I've shored it up but it's not going to last.

So I have bought a new add-on wired thermostat. It looks like the pinout remains the same so I think I can just swap one for the other without even changing any wiring. Sweet!

My question is what's the right process to do this? Is it as simple as;

1- Power on and register the new thermostat

2- Put it in place of the old one.

3- Remove the old one from the Tado app?

If I do this will I still have the grandfathered-in presence detection?



  • In case anyone finds this in future- the answer to this is that I was able to swap them out but had to contact Tado to transfer control of the hot water from the old thermostat to the new one.