Question about necessity of adding thermostat to system


I've recently installed tado smart TRVs on 3 radiators upstairs. These appear to be pairing properly with the internet bridge and tado app. All good. I installed the smart TRVs because the upstairs rooms were getting far too hot when our heating is on downstairs. This is because our central heating is controlled by a (wireless) thermostat (connected to our combi-boiler) which sits in our open-plan downstairs, and the room takes a long time to reach the desired temperature.

However, if downstairs is at the required temperature, then the boiler will be off, so presumably the rooms upstairs will presumably not be heated, even if they are very cold.

Is this true, and if so, what can I do about it? Do I have to buy into the whole system, thermostat and all?


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    In order to call for heat the TRVs need a zone controller, either a wired thermostat or a wireless receiver . . .