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I have recently changed router and now the system although it all looks connected is not activating

I have a Bridge older one, smart thermostat and extension kit.

All were working ok.

I changed internet router and re connect it all. All lights etc show connected and I appear as in my home on the app. When however it should be heating up it doesn't demand heat?

The temp is going down and can't get it toter the heating even if I use the manual override?


  • Have you kept the wifi name and the password the same? If not, I would change them both to your old ones and try again.

  • from what I have understood tado does not use wifi! (yes it's wireless but it's not wifi)

    The internet bridge uses ethernet (no passwords or settings)

    And the other tado items link together using their own radio signal back to internet bridge (not your router/not wifi).

  • Definitely no wi-fi. Tado devices use the 6LoWPAN protocol over 868 MHz. If wi-fi was used the batteries would be flat within a month.

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