Vaillant Ecotec Plus (VC 25CS/1-5) via ebus - Heating works but Hot Water does not

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Hello Tado Community,

I had to replace my boiler and my new one Vaillant Ecotec (VC 25CS/1-5) got connected via ebus properly - heating works as it should (although I will need to find a way to limit max flow temperature for better efficiency but that's a detail).

The issue is with Hot Water as boiler seems not to care about any settings on the Tado side for Hot Water (it is activated in Tado Professional app) and settings shows up in regular Tado app.

I feel I'm missing some simple thing to make it work properly so cannot wait for yor help :)

My Tado setup:

  • Extension kit BU.x.x.x (in Tado Professional Connection to boilder: Vaillant eBus, Firmware 81.1 (up to date), Hot water activated)
  • Internet Bridge (IT..x.x.x)
  • Smart Thermostat (not used but connected to the network - shows properly Hot Water (and other) settings)
  • 10+ Smart Thermostats

I've tried to find answer on the forum but could not so I figured I will ask you.

Thanks in advance!