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Tado Smart Thermostat Temp Query

Whilst I am happy with the thermostat and the app and ease of controlling and monitoring the heating, there seems to be a bit of a design floor with the low heating request (heating modulation).

When the boiler kicks in it will get up to temperature with medium and high heat requests, this is fine as it will over kick the temperature set slightly, which I am totally fine with, when the temperature drops to below the set target temperature the boiler will fire up every 15 minutes or so and send around 28 degrees of heat to the radiators, this is not even enough to make the radiators luke warm and will not raise the room temperature at all so the boiler will keep firing up every 10-15 minutes or so and not achieving anything!

Also i have noticed in the first couple of hours of the heating coming on, even when the set temp 21 degrees has overshot say to 21.5, when it drops to 21.3 (still over the set temp) it will fire up the boiler again and the set temp will go up to around 21.7. once it is at 21.7 it will gradually drop to nearer 21.0 to which point the point still seems to fire up every 10 minutes or so on a low heat request according to the app.

I hope i have made some sense, i wonder if other people have experience this as it just seems the boiler seems to be kicking in more than with an old analogue thermostat.

Thanks in advance



  • If the water in your system cools down from 28C to something lower, requiring the boiler to fire again to maintain that temp, then clearly it has achieved something, it has given off heat, or absorbed cold, iow, it heated your house,.. slightly.

    Modern systems are designed to work with as low as temperature as possible. Its more efficient to constantly pump luke warm water than heat it to 60+C in bursts.

  • Whilst i completely understand what you are saying but if the boiler is firing up every 15 minutes at such a low temp and the rad is not chucking off enough heat to raise the temp of the smart stat it seems daft. surely its better to send a meduim heat request and slightly over cook the temp by 0.2 degree and the boiler not have to fire up and down as much. Excuse my ignorance in this i am just trying to get my head around this as with the boiler fire up so often!

    Thanks in advance

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