Hive to Tado wiring question



We have a Baxi Assure 30 combi and have used a hive system with standard TRVs bar 1 rad. We don't have a hot water tank or anything like that, no multi zones. We basically boosted the heating as and when we wanted. Hot water is on demand. We've bought a Tado Wireless Smart Thermostat starter kit V3+ to replace the Hive. We have 8 rads and have 7 tado smart radiator thermostats to go on once this is sorted.

The boiler was fitted 2 years ago and the existing Hive was connected to it by the installer.

I've followed the Tado instructions up until the wiring part, there's an extra wire on the (1) connection on the Hive wiring which him not sure what to do with.

Am I correct in saying based on the Hive wiring that:

Hive Bridge wire L & 1 to Tado Bridge wire to (L) and (CH COM)

Hive Blue N to Tado Blue to (N)

Hive Brown L to Tado Brown to (L)

Hive Black 3 to Tado Black to (CH NO)

Im not sure what to do with the Grey wire that is in 1 of the Hive, do I just put that on (CH COM)?

Thanks in advance :)


  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    I think tracing the wires to find the grey's destination would be the best way forward, as noted in other posts a multimeter might be helpful . . .

  • Paul73

    I seem to have it sorted now

    Blue to N

    Brown to L

    Bridge removed

    Grey to CH COM

    Black to CH NO