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Does the tado bridge work well with power line devices ?

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Digital Power Line (DPL) was doomed to fail for delivering internet to residents because the lamp posts in the streets were far too noisy in their emissions that the signal levels of the packet data extracted via fsk modulation at the end user premises was too low to be used. Luckily the research used for DPL was not lost, and got adapted for home use on internal networks (power line adaptors).

Many people have power line adaptors in their homes (including me).

When I initially installed the tado bridge, I connected it via a power line device that was connected to my router. The bridge made an online connection, and worked, but after some time my other network clients (both wired and wireless) stopped working. I initially thought this was an issue with my internet router. However, after another couple of attempts (hard rebooting, etc.), I concluded that the only way everything works is if the bridge is DIRECTLY connected to the internet router.

Has anybody else had issues with their network if the bridge is connected to the internet router indirectly via a power line device ?

I ask, because ideally I want to centrally position my tado bridge elsewhere in the house, and not in close proxy to my internet router.



  • I remember reading somewhere, possibly on this forum, that the tado bridge's ethernet port connected at 10Mbps half duplex which is pretty old school, and that this causes problems with some routers (/switches/ and possibly powerline adapters).

    If thats (still) true, that ought to be your only concern. Other than that, if the power line adapter works, its just an ethernet connection as far as any device is concerned.

    And if there is indeed a problem with powerline and 10mb half duplex setting, you could always put an (old) router or switch inbetween the tado bridge and powerline adapter.

    That said, why not use wifi mesh? These things have come down considerably in price, I picked up a 3 unit wifi mesh on amazon this summer for under 100 euro, and its just brilliant. It covers my entire house and then some, works like a single access point and with rock solid signal. And every unit has an ethernet port (one of them serving my tado).

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    My bridge is connected to powerline for both 240 for the usb adapter (pass through) and ethernet cable. No problems at all.

  • I have my Tado bridge connected via Powerline Adapter (Devolo dLAN 1200) and a Netgear unmanaged switch and have experienced no issues whatsoever.

  • Yes. --------------------

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