Wired Thermostat - no longer deactivating pump and boiler

I have a Tado Wireless with the Zone Controller hub and internet dongle, and Wired thermostat.

The Wired Thermostat controls my UFH, and is wired directly to the boiler and when first installed it turned the boiler on/off and the pump - but it also made a call to the HUB to turn on the heating too.

I found the option in the App, to make the Wired stat 'independent' of the zone controller.

This nicely stopped turning on the heating circuit, but now it doesnt control the UFH at all, the pump is always on and the UFH valve is always open.

I reset it back to the Zone Controller, but that didnt change.

I've turned everything off and reset the stat.

Annoying as otherwise everything worked perfectly before that.

Any ideas?


  • Just to let people know I resolved this via a quick (30 mins) chat via the App with Tado Support. The made some adjustments remotely and it all works now as expected. Took them about an hour to come back to me initially.

    All in all quite pleased with the support.