Wiring the tado

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Iv wired the tado best I could, please can someone confirm!!!

Appreciate it 😁👍

Iv got a combi boiler, Baxi duo tec

Blue wire to N
Brown to L
Grey to CH COM
Black to CH NC
Yellow/Green to CH NO


  • Do you have photos of the wiring before?
  • Yea but I don't know how to upload them to this chat
  • Use the paperclip symbol to attach photos..

  • Before and after!!! Hope it’s correct 👍


    As expected, Green and yellow is earth in your installation so should go to the earth terminal

    What controller was in place on your old setup?

    Tado app should ask you for the type and it will give you the correct wiring but right now I would say that your setup is wrong.
  • I had the HIVE thermostat but it kept messing up so switched to Tado.

    I didn't see anywhere to put the earth wire
  • Found this one online, for combo boilers

  • Earth is the 9th terminal from the left

    Given your setup is combi, I'm not sure on wiring but it seems odd to have both nc and no connected for ch

    What do terminals 1 and 3 equate to on your old controller?